Braintree Group



Hospitality, Home Away from Home

To Braintree Group founders Ryan Van Alfen and Jason Kotter, hospitality is about so much more than simply delivering accommodations. Hospitality provides those traveling for leisure and business with a home away from home, bolsters the economy with the creation of job opportunities, and encourages community betterment through tourism.

Kotter and Van Alfen are invested in the hospitality
business sector in a variety of ways. First, their company Braintree Properties prides itself in the development of high-quality, sustainable hospitality solutions with a focus on environmentally friendly-focused hotels. 

Beyond sustainable building solutions, Braintree Hospitality, a Braintree Group company, provides hospitality management in the form of a full-service suite of solutions. Their commitment to the growth, development, and continued success of hospitality clients provides communities with strong businesses to improve tourism and support economic growth. 

Hotel double-bedroom
Hotel bathroom, sink and mirror