Braintree Group

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Braintree Group is a Family of Companies

Braintree Group has grown from its early roots as a social venture into a family of companies all driven by creating positive impact. The goal of each of Braintree Group’s brands and investments is community betterment through a focus on the business sectors of education, multifamily housing, hospitality, and technology.

Co-founders Ryan Van Alfen and Jason Kotter began their business journey together based on a shared passion for educational advancement. Through hard work and dedication, the two successfully launched their first company, Athlos Academies, a social venture dedicated to helping schools succeed.

It was in the experiences, lessons learned, successes, and failures of building Athlos Academies, where Van Alfen and Kotter developed the essential principles that are now the foundation of each Braintree Group company and investment. These principles include a passion for lifelong learning across all business sectors, and key Performance Character traits like leadership, humility, creativity, and grit.

Headquarters grand staircase
Front of Athlos Academy school at dusk
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Braintree Group Founding Principles

Kotter and Van Alfen strongly believe that to be successful in life and in business, individuals must always embrace personal growth. As lifelong learners themselves, they take this principle into every business venture they take on. It’s this principle that challenges them to constantly assess their decisions and accomplishments and seek ways to improve and learn from every experience.