Braintree Group



Jason Kotter

Jason Kotter was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho. Kotter is proud to be a native Idahoan.

A former owner of a local development firm, Kotter has worked in the real estate industry for the majority of his career. While helping a charter school obtain real estate, he became impressed by the idea of parental choice in education, yet realized that obtaining facilities was a major challenge for these organizations.

This was one of the many reasons Kotter and Van Alfen focused on starting Athlos Academies— to continue working in an industry he is comfortable with, real estate/development, while contributing to reforming America’s educational system.

Kotter saw that charter schools have a unique opportunity to make positive changes in the education of children, specifically in developing children who have character and healthy habits to perform in life academically, socially, and physically.

Through the development of a character development program for Athlos Academies, Kotter found traits, like leadership and grit, that were also the roots to a successful business. It was in those traits that the Founding Principles of Braintree Group began.

Kotter is now proud to be a co-founder of Braintree Group and the accomplishments the company has made since its recent formation. He looks forward to the successes in store for the future. As a leader in his local community and an inspiration to many other communities, Kotter remains optimistic for Braintree Group’s future successes. 

Kotter is an avid bicyclist and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.


Ryan Van Alfen

Ryan Van Alfen, born and raised in Bountiful, Utah, was introduced to the world of education at a young age. His father, a financial advisor for charter schools, shared his knowledge about the charter school system with Van Alfen as a child.    

Van Alfen invested in his own education by studying dentistry and going on to establish himself in the Eagle, Idaho area through his own dental practice. While running his dental practice, Van Alfen was offered an opportunity to return to the industry he grew up learning about, charter schools, and decided to follow his passion for education.

Reflecting on his childhood, Van Alfen realized many of the most influential lessons he learned were not formed in a classroom, but instead through experiences in extracurricular settings where someone helped relate them to life lessons. These experiences encouraged him to develop leadership skills, exhibit courage, and navigate relationships with respect. It’s these traits Van Alfen found lacking in traditional classroom settings, and decided to build into the Athlos education model, and eventually, into the Founding Principles of Braintree Group.

A focus on improving education through incorporating character and physical activity helped move him back into a career with education and find a way to follow in his father’s footsteps by developing Athlos Academies in 2006. 

Kotter and Van Alfen now apply the lessons and traits learned through the development of Athlos Academies to successfully help grow his portfolio of companies and investments as co-founder of Braintree Group.

Van Alfen lives the ideal Idahoan lifestyle by remaining active and enjoys spending time with his wife and children. As each day passes, Van Alfen becomes more excited and appreciative of what he and his co-founder have accomplished and continue to accomplish with the Braintree Group family of companies.