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A passion for expanding choice in education

With its earliest roots stemming from a passion for expanding choice in education, Braintree Group founders Ryan Van Alfen and Jason Kotter prioritize the importance of supporting educational opportunities through their own companies, as well as their investments.

Two Athlos girl students in school uniform
Front of Athlos Academy school with U.S. flag
Two Athlos student boys working together in a classroom
Athlos Academy school turf and gym

Braintree Group directly supports education through their social venture company, Athlos Academies, a charter school network managing a national organization of K-8 schools. Athlos Academies impacts students and staff through an innovative, whole-child approach to education that focuses on mind, body, and character. Learn more about Athlos Academies.

Athlos Education, another education company in the Braintree family, provides products and services to schools and youth organizations across the country. These products support student outcomes through strategic curriculum and professional development solutions geared toward whole-child development. Learn more about Athlos Education.

Outside of school management and programming, Braintree Properties provides state-of-the-art school facilities that foster quality teaching and learning. From state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, to athletic spaces designed for year-round activity, Braintree Properties strives to support each child’s ability to achieve academic excellence. Learn more about Braintree Properties.

Toddler playing with Lovevery box

When it comes to education, Van Alfen and Kotter strongly believe that teaching children happens in schools, but also beyond the walls of the classroom. To have an impact outside of school institutions, Braintree Group invests in LOVEVERY, a company that offers products and information which help create developmental experiences in the lives of new babies and families. This investment supports the educational growth of children from infancy to school age. Learn more about LOVEVERY.

Lovevery logo
Young father playing with a baby with a Lovevery toy