Braintree Group



Building the Foundation to Strong Communities

As individuals personally dedicated to their own communities, helping to build communities that greatly impact citizens is a passion of Braintree Group founders Jason Kotter and Ryan Van Alfen.

Families are the Foundation to Strong Communities.

Through Kotter and Van Alfen’s real estate development company, Braintree Properties, they seek the best ways to meet the needs of communities by offering families multifamily housing and education opportunities.

Building School Facilities

Braintree Properties prides itself in building school facilities that foster quality teaching and learning. Braintree educational spaces are built to each school’s specific needs with innovation in mind. From state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, to athletic spaces designed for year-round activity, Braintree Group strives to support each child’s ability to achieve academic excellence and foster community betterment.

Multifamily Housing Options

By providing multi-family housing options, Braintree properties opens up affordable housing opportunities, helping to increase socio-economic diversity and build communities that are welcoming and beneficial to all.