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A hotel management organization providing clients with the support they need to achieve their growth and development goals for the continued success of their lodging investment.

Braintree Hospitality is an Idaho hotel development and management company that proudly serves both the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West. Our ongoing success stems from managing hotel properties with a proactive, detailed-focused style. We work with hotel owners, lenders, and investors to develop management solutions and action plans for the continued success of their lodging investment. As a full-service hotel management company, we offer fully integrated leadership support covering all aspects of the hotel business.

Whether you need assistance with hotel development, management of daily hotel operations, or receivership services, Braintree Hospitality has the expertise, integrity, and proven ability to ensure your hotel investment goals are achieved.

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Our newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn in Bend, Oregon brings a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

The Braintree Hospitality Services we offer include a detailed focus on:

Graphic of Asset Management

Asset Management

With the ability to spot early market issues, we develop strategic, asset management plans that unlock hidden values to enhance overall investment returns that are carefully aligned with our client’s strategic objectives.

Graphic of Revenue Management

Revenue Management

We offer world-class revenue management techniques delivered by expert professionals that are supported by superlative tools, resources, market intelligence, insightful data, and cutting-edge technology.

Graphic of Operations Management

Operations Management

Our executive team works closely with general managers, local owners, and hotel brands to plot strategies, monitor performance, and promote continuous improvement to ensure seamless operations that create positive growth opportunities for everyone involved.

Graphic of Receivership Services

Receivership Services

We offer extensive experience in assisting hotel owners, banks, and insurance companies with underachieving hotels going through the process of foreclosure, bankruptcy, and court-appointed receivership. With strategic planning initiative, we have the ability to make quick assessments and execute necessary strategies to start the process of stabilization, reorganization, and eventual disposition.

Graphic of Hotel Acquisition / Development Consulting

Hotel Acquisition / Development Consulting

We create successful hotel properties known for their world-class customer service and outstanding performance. The acquisition strategies we provide include market understanding, competition, demographics, economic trends, and analysis.

Graphic of Human Resources

Human Resources

With integrity, optimism, and teamwork at our core, the human resource services we provide ensure our clients receive the best recruitment performance management and leadership development tailored to fit each unique situation.

Graphic of Employee Recruitment, Training, Development

Employee Recruitment, Training, Development

We are only as good as our people. Human capital is our most valuable asset which is why we are fully committed to attracting top talent, followed by training and empowerment, resulting in the success of our employees and properties alike. Using state of the art resources and cutting edge industry tools, we are able to develop an individual supported by a team who can thrive in this competitive industry.

Braintree Hospitality

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