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Braintree Group began in 2006. With new developments and opportunities came great ideas. Please see our growth and history as you scroll down our page.

Athlos Academies Beginning
Founders Jason Kotter & Ryan Van Alfen start Charter School Fund in 2006 intent on helping charters secure financing to build and improve facilities.
First Charter Application
Submitted first charter application to the Meridian School District for a Student Athlete Academy in Ada County
Athletic Movement Program Created

Athlos Academies creates an athletic movement program and tests it in a charter school in Chandler, Arizona. The program is also used as a vehicle to develop performance character traits in students.

Development of the Athlos Model

Athlos Academies began significant relationships with multiple charter organizations in Texas, leading to partnering in implementing aspects of the Athlos model.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Began charter relationships in Minnesota which lead to a charter school opening for 2014-2015 school year.

15 New School Facility Partnerships

Delivered 15 school facilities with more than 1,000,000 square feet of space for significant partners.

First Fully-Managed Schools

Continued charter school growth into the Utah and Minnesota markets.

Real Estate Development Opportunities

Assists significant partners in a $400 million bond closing, the largest single-year transaction in charter school history. Realizing opportunities for growth in the real estate development market, Braintree Group moves into the multi-family and storage development sectors.

Hotel Management Acquisition

A new hotel management company is acquired by founders, continuing growth in real estate development and diversifying portfolio.

Athlos Products and Services

Five education products are developed as standalone services and brought to market to schools nationwide.

Continued Growth & Organization Expansion

Continued charter school growth into Louisiana market.

Braintree Group – A Portfolio of Companies

A company reorganization takes place to recognize four separate business entities: Athlos Academies, Athlos Products and Services, Braintree Properties, and Braintree Hospitality. Each of these entities falls under the umbrella of parent company, Braintree Group, which supports each entity and management of finance, legal, human resources, and marketing. 

Braintree Properties
Development of full, in-house team to assist partners from project ideation to completion; completion of 2 school builds
Braintree Hospitality
Development of operational procedures to assure guest and employee health and safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Braintree Properties
Groundbreaking and permitting on several hotel projects, continued projects in multifamily housing; self-storage, and school facility portfolios, exponential growth in design and procurement team.
Braintree Hospitality
Acquisition of River’s Edge Hotel in Portland, OR – a boutique hotel featuring 100 rooms
Looking forward - 2022
Braintree Properties
Completion of River’s Edge Renovation; continued team and portfolio growth and expansion; construction to begin on several multi-family housing, self-storage, and hotel projects
Braintree Hospitality
Completion of multi-million-dollar complete renovation of River’s Edge, a hotel in the Hilton Tapestries collection