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Providing a diverse portfolio of EdTech offerings for K–12 schools.

Athlos Education supports schools with strategic solutions to increase academic achievement, enhance positive student behavior, ensure compliance in special education programming, and more.

When schools succeed, students succeed. With more than 12 years in K-12 education, Athlos Education has worked to identify the top priorities of schools on their path to attaining success.

A solution-based company, Athlos Education has studied and researched common problems schools face and built strategic EdTech solutions aimed to increase efficiency and impact in overcoming these obstacles. We now partner with schools nationwide to provide educators and leaders with software, tools, curriculum, and materials needed to provide the best possible education to students.

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Athlos Education supports schools in the following areas:

Special Education Service Logs

A time-saving, easy-to-use app for tracking services and student progress with interactive data dashboards and a custom reporting center!

Curriculum & Programs

Providing schools a program and training to support the social, emotional, and physical needs of students and simultaneously transform school culture.

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